Protecting freedom by understanding climate
CSIROh! Climate of deception or first step to freedom?


Climate of Deception? ... Or First Step to Freedom?

I've written to many of the people whose behaviours, opinions and/or claims are discussed in this report and whose core claim is that human CO2 caused Earth's latest modest cyclic global atmospheric warming that ended in 1998. Most have responded. All have failed to provide empirical scientific evidence and logical scientific reasoning for the basis of their core claim. All seemed reluctant to address my questions adequately. They failed to meet my reasonable need for integrity, reassurance and understanding.
Appendix 1a - This report was prepared at the invitation of Steve Austin, host on ABC-Radio 612 Brisbane. This document is his invitation and my acceptance.

Appendix 1b - Distribution List

Appendix 1c - Author's Personal Background

Appendix 1d - Definitions

Appendix 1e - Dedication And Acknowledgments

Appendix 2 - The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN IPCC

Appendix 3 - Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth

Appendix 4 - Fundamental Climate Science: Basic Questions and scientific reasoning

Appendix 4a - Empirical Data On Alarming Climate Claims

Appendix 5 - Massive Misrepresentations

Appendix 6 - CSIRO

Appendix 6a - Analysis Of CSIRO Document Entitled 'The Science of Tackling Climate Change'

Appendix 7 - Bureau Of Meteorology

Appendix 8 - Agencies Funded By Government

Appendix 9 - Australian Academic Activists and Advocates Misrepresenting Empirical Science

Appendix 10 - Federal Government's Climate Commission

Appendix 11 - Prominent Universities Funded By Government

Appendix 12 - Prominent Political Players

Appendix 13 - Government Funded ABC TV & Radio Network And Other Mainstream Australian Media

Appendix 13a - Annotated Transcript Of ABC Radio's Background Briefing Episode Broadcast On Sunday, July 17th 2011

Appendix 13b - Review Of ABC Radio Background Briefing Episode Broadcast On Sunday, July 17th 2011

Appendix 13c - Review Of Programme By ABC TV's QandA Climate Debate Show

Appendix 13d - Review Of Programme By ABC Radio's Media Watch Show

Appendix 13e - Review Of Programme By ABC Radio's Media Watch Show

Appendix 13f - Review Of Programme By ABC TV's Catalyst Show

Appendix 13g - Review Of Programme By ABC TV's Four Corners Show

Appendix 14 - Why? Motives Driving Climate Fraud

Appendix 15 - Non-Government Organisations, NGOs

Appendix 16 - Consequences Of Climate Corruption

Appendix 17 - Our Two Core Challenges

Appendix 18 - Solutions

Appendix 19 - Is James Hansen's UN greenhouse in the outhouse?

Appendix 20 - How the UN implemented its political campaign



FREEDOM IS ESSENTIAL FOR RESPONSIBILITY | Dr Maria Montessori, arguably the greatest observer of human development based on a profound understanding of children's and adult's universal human needs: “Discipline and freedom are so co-related that, if there is some lack of discipline, the cause is to be found in some lack of freedom.”