Protecting freedom by understanding climate

Climate Conscious - Summary

Basic Climate Questions
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UN's Climate Body, IPCC
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Costs to people
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CSIROh! Climate of deception or first step to freedom?


Climate of Deception? ... Or First Step to Freedom?

I've written to many of the people whose behaviours, opinions and/or claims are discussed in this report and whose core claim is that human CO2 caused Earth's latest modest cyclic global atmospheric warming that ended in 1998. Most have responded. All have failed to provide empirical scientific evidence and logical scientific reasoning for the basis of their core claim. All seemed reluctant to address my questions adequately. They failed to meet my reasonable need for integrity, reassurance and understanding.


The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's own figures expose
its role at the core of climate alarm and government restrictions and taxes.

5,587+ lies by UN IPCC Chairman?

He said UN IPCC reports are based 100% on peer-reviewed science. Independent, international audit shows 2007 report relies on 5,587 articles not peer-reviewed - including hikers' anecdotes, newspaper stories and political activists' campaign material. Why?


You're here because you share our care for our planet's natural and human environments. At heart we're all green.

First world nations proudly show their care for the environment by fighting pollution.

Yet, hearing experts contradicting each other and politicians posturing to push taxes, people feel confused—some filled with fear, guilt, frustration, resentment, anger, apathy, doubt, ........

People don't know who to trust. Needing understanding, reassurance, confidence, truth, hope, clarity and security for our children's future I read thousands of pages of scientific books, journals, reports and articles. I listened to many of the world's climate experts. What I discovered is startling. It's condensed and shared here with the aim of fulfilling people's needs effectively and with ease.

Protecting our freedom and choices requires us to be conscious of freedom.

Contact federal MP's and demand they vote against any carbon tax or carbon 'trading' scheme that will raise prices and cost of living. Their contact details for calling, writing or e-mailing are at:

House of Representatives: http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/index.htm

Senators: http://www.aph.gov.au/senate/senators/homepages/index.asp?sort=state


Galileo Movement
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Four page summary of carbon dioxide facts
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Summary of UN IPCC and Australian corruption of climate science
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Four page summary of carbon dioxide facts with support material and references
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Four page summary of CO2 facts with support material, references and intriguing questions

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Nature; climate; UN IPCC; stirring climate alarm; conflicts of interest; forgiveness; real environmental challenges; fully referenced, 53 pages

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Patterns of unscientific behaviour, fabrications and fraud; senior UN IPCC conflicts of interest; 5 page summary, 43 pages

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Timeline of shady UN IPCC practices; 5 pages


eco fraud part 2

Four environmental nightmares created by UN IPCC falsities; destroying freedom; polluting the human spirit; 3 pages

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Millions of deaths from misguided political control; Control agenda wrapped in dark green eco-fraud; brown policies; black deaths; 8 pages

Do these academics sound like climate change

Summary Findings - Notes on UN IPCC misrepresentations, the basis of government climate policy reveals how publicly prominent advocate-professors have repeatedly publicly claimed human production of carbon dioxide (CO2) caused global warming and endorsed UN IPCC midrepresentations. All have been asked to provide specific, scientifically measured real-world evidence of their claim. In their responses, all have failed to provide evidence.

All either receive government grants and/or are employed in senior positions within institutes receiving government climate grants.

Their public statements and documents (yellow links) have been challenged. Some examples follow:

E-mail to Professor Karoly promotes himself as an expert on climate yet contradicts real-world weather records.

E-mail reply to Professor England (mathematician) encapsulates global warming and UN IPCC fraud. He too contradicts real-world science yet promotes himself as a climate expert.

Professor Hoegh-Guldberg (transcript) is a marine biologist promoting himself as an expert on climate. He too contradicts real-world climate science and apparently science in his own field.

Professor Andy Pitman is a computer modeller promoting himself as an expert on climate. He hid from questions. During his retreat he made false accusations. Unsurprisingly, this is a common trick among advocates of global warming. He provides no evidence of his claims. Following are the email threads:

thread 1 | thread 2 | thread 3 | thread 4

(Note: Queensland summer time is one hour behind Pitman's state of NSW (daylight saving).

E-mail to Professor Will Steffen

Professor Flannery is reportedly an investor in an alternative energy company heavily subsidised by the government. He has been deeply involved in promoting government climate policy and on February 10, 2011 was appointed Chief Commissioner of the government's Climate Commission. His qualifications are a Bachelor of Arts (English) and a doctorate in palaeontology for his work on evolution of macropods.

On Tuesday, October 12, 2010, advocate-professor Flannery was publicly challenged to provide real-world evidence of human causation of warming. Flannery failed to produce any. In response, Flannery acknowledged temperatures had not risen for over a decade. Six days later Flannery reversed his position on TV when responding to biologist Jennifer Marohasy, saying that she was wrong to state "we've had no warming for ten years".

Such is the state of government's paid hands and ABC journalists' lack of scrutiny.

  What about politicians?

Letter to Professor Ross Garnaut

Questions and requests for discovering climate reality ourselves

Analysis of an article by Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change published in The Weekend Australian, Sa.26.02.11.


FREEDOM IS ESSENTIAL FOR RESPONSIBILITY | Dr Maria Montessori, arguably the greatest observer of human development based on a profound understanding of children's and adult's universal human needs: “Discipline and freedom are so co-related that, if there is some lack of discipline, the cause is to be found in some lack of freedom.”